Does the calendar really have to be so confusing?


The dates fall on different days of the week every year. The months all have different numbers of days, with no rhyme or reason. There’s plenty of inefficiency built into the modern calendar. But according to Johns Hopkins astronomer Richard Conn Henry, that doesn’t have to be the case. According to his proposed calendar, eight of the months would have 30 days, with 31 days every third month. Every few years, an antire week would be added to make up for the lost time. But, on the upside, years would work like clockwork. Holidays would fall on the same day every year. Christmas and New Years would both fall on a Sunday. And the plan would save money by making interest calculations much easier. Aside from centuries of convention, I can’t image what would stand in Henry’s way!

Interesting idea. I’m for it. Early adapters, go!

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    Sounds good, but I’d rather we made September 6 always be a Monday. I don’t get a Labour Day Birthday again until like...
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    Check out World Time Format, another new calendar and universal time standard. and there’s an iPhone...
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    This makes some sense, but remember all the annoyances around that Leap Second we had to add in 2008? That Leap Week has...
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    Interesting idea. I’m for it. Early adapters, go!
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    Well as long as he doesn’t name one of the months Thermidor, I’m sure he’ll be okay.
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    OR we could just go back to a lunar-based calendar and each month (moon-th) could have its own lunar cycle of four...
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